5 Great Ideas to Keep Hold of Memories | Columbus Norfolk Moms

One of the things I always wonder about as a mom is how long I’ll remember the way Mackenzie acts now. I know they grow up fast. In a few years I’ll look back and wonder where my baby went. How much of it will I remember, though? Will I remember how she says, “if your face is in the show” instead of “then your face will surely show it” every time she sings “If You’re Happy and You Know it”? Will I remember how she always exclaims, “Me first! Me first!” anytime we head downstairs? Will I remember the week she sang “My God is So Great” for a week straight after she went to Sunday School? I’ve come up with a few ideas for moms to keep hold of those memories. Don’t let them escape, because I promise you’ll want them back as soon as they do.

  1. The most simple idea for phrases that make you laugh or interesting ways they say words includes writing it down. Get it out of your head and onto paper or into the computer.
  2. Buy a special book that comes with fun questions to ask the kids. Then periodically make sure to ask them! You could do a few every month, or you could do one a day.
  3. Get yourself a lantern, basket, decorative lock box, piggy bank, or shadow box. Then decide what kind of paper you’d like to have on hand. Anytime your child experiences something new, write the event down. Date it. And slip it into the box.
  4. Email yourself, create a Google Form to use, or pay for a subscription service that asks you questions every once in a while via text or email.
  5. My personal favorite–Get a Chatbooks subscription! It hooks up to your Instagram account. Then every sixty pictures you post, you get a book automatically sent to you. The book includes the pictures, the captions, and the date you posted. Mackenzie loves looking at ours.

Doesn’t matter what you use. The important thing is to grab hold of those memories, so that you have them for the future. Then you can look back on them and share them with your kiddos when they get older. And, when they eventually move out you’ll have something special to relive those memories whenever you need them.

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